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From the Desk of:
Blake W. Stearnwall
“The King of the Best Man Speech”
622 Grand Ave., Franklin, [mmjs-region]

Dear Best Man-to-Be,

Congratulations, you’ve been chosen to be the Best Man! Being chosen to be the best man is truly a great honor. If you care to give the newlyweds the respect and admiration they deserve, this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Like most men, you’re probably quite nervous about your best man speech. Do not be worried… you don’t deserve to feel like this. With proper planning and preparation, you’ll have every ounce of confidence you need. You’ll say the right words, use the right body language, and will conclude with a hearty applause.

It takes some time and work. Thankfully I’ve created a digital product that will ease your best man speech writing and speaking anxieties and give you more time for preparation and practice.

This may come as a shock to you… but guess what? The most confident speakers in the world are simply well-rehearsed and certain of their words. But mostly, they’re actively practicing a few coveted tricks that I am very eager to share with you…

So, if you’re ready to captivate an audience with the ultimate best man speech.. and if you’re ready to transform into a confident, charismatic best man, you’ll want to read every word of this letter!

But first of all…
Likely You’ve Arrived at This Site Because…
  • You’ve been asked to write and present a best man speech, but do not know where to start and what to include. You want to present the ‘best’ best man speech as possible, and you want to sound stellar.. You want to include humor, charm, and class in your best man speech… and you want appear completely confident to the crowd.
  • You’ve searched the internet and found that all the ‘free’ best man speeches information is less-than-average recycled garbage.
  • You are uncertain of the writing process of a best man speech… or you’re not completely confident with your writing. You need structure and outside aid from someone who knows what they’re doing and has experience in the field.
  • You want to look as COOL as possible on the big day. You don’t want to face the chance of embarrassment with a poorly prepared best man speech.
  • You don’t want to be the LOSER. That sad pathetic guy who had the speech in his heart, but didn’t do the research. He didn’t prepare. He winged it.. and embarrassed himself.
I’ve Got Good News: I’ve Designed an Instantly Downloadable Kit, Chock-Full of Best Man Speech Samples that Will Blast-Away Your Deepest Best Man Fears and Frustrations….
You’ll Walk, Talk and ACT Like a Brand New Man…
(No, I’m sorry, this isn’t a magic pill. Using my best man speech kit still requires a bit of thought…but it will save you a massive amount of time (4-15 hours), stress, confusion, and anxiety.)
So What the Hell Is It?

Okay, here’s the skinny — I’ve created 30 top secret best man speeches to help you virtually cheat your way through the best man speech process. By using my templates, you’ll save dozens of hours by jumping ahead, skipping to the front, bypassing right to the ‘ol finish line (well, close to it).

Use my best man speeches all you want — use them to start from, to steal from, to mix and match. TEN of these best man speeches are ‘fill-in-the-blank’ templates and TWENTY are fully completed best man speech samples. These speeches are designed to be outlines… critical framework for your writing.

Within minutes you’ll be creating perfect best man speeches filled with wit, vivid details and funny stories. Don’t get me wrong – your details alone are great — but without structure of my best man speech sample templates, your words will be unstructured and boring. Sad but true: Your speech will simply be ignored by booze sipping, impatient wedding guests.

Even if You HATE Public Speaking or Are Just PISSED at the Entire Best Man Role You’ve Been Assigned, You’ll Have No Struggles When You Discover the SECRETS and Shortcuts to a WINNING Performance…. and You’ll Do it All in Less than 10 Minutes Flat!
(Take my word for it. Grab my kit, read the tricks, improve yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose. If for some strange reason you’re not satisfied, email me back and I will send you every last penny of your money back.)
Go along, read my page. I’ll catch up with you at the bottom…

You’ve just delivered your best man speech, and you’re walking away from the podium. Part of the crowd is clapping.. but half are already eating, talking and drinking. You lost their attention in the first few minutes. Was it your body language? Did you not use the right words? Was it boring? What happened? You look up and the groom. He smiles, but seems slightly disappointed. What happened?

You sit back down.

“Nice job,” someone says.

But deep inside, you know your best man speech downright sucked. Years later you knew it was below your potential. You wish you would’ve done it right.

You’re walking away from the podium, satisfied with the brilliant best man speech you’ve just presented. The wedding crowd is clapping, laughing, cheering. People are smiling. Some have tears in their eyes.

You’re confident by your smashing performance. You’re heart is pounding, but in a positive way. You spoke from the heart, you said the right things, and you said them well. The groom is smiling. Satisfaction beams from his eyes. You said it all so perfectly.

You walk back to your seat. Women smile. Men pat your back. A job well done. Damn well done.

Years pass. You think back to your best man speech. You spoke the right words, you mentioned the right stories, you spoke from the heart..

You are glad you did it right.

Only continue reading this if youare truly serious about writing a killer best man speech and are prepared to uncover the cold, hard tips that make speeches create massive attention. Be prepared to walk away from the microphone beaming with confidence, pride, and personal satisfaction.
Our best man speech kit includes the following...
My Best Man Speech Kit Includes a Boat-Load of Valuable Goodies That Are Guaranteed to Make You the Ultimate Best Man, Including…
  • 20 Full-length Original Best Man Speech Samples to spark ideas & steal from. Includes speeches from older brother, younger brother, lifetime friend, childhood best friend, business partner, college roommate, college friend, friend (general), military friend, best friend, single friend, and more.
  • 10 Fill-In-the-Blank Speeches, custom made for Brother, Best Friend, Coworker, Other Relative, and many more.
  • A comprehensive bullet list of 25 the critical tasks & roles of the best man before, during, and after the wedding. This list is a must-see by any best man to-be. Breaks down the entire process and spoon feeds it to you — just you need it.
  • Choose speech ideas based on tone – including funny speeches, sentimental speeches, charming speeches and more.
  • 12 exclusive down-and-dirty “Quick Tips” from wedding insiders – critical for your best man speech survival.
  • A chapter dedicated to understanding each member of the wedding party & their roles.
  • 10 Critical questions to ask yourself before writing your best man speech.
  • Key pointers on drafting & writing the speech, including 10 things you must consider and be aware of while writing the speech. Forget these things and you’re well on your way to a bad bad place.
  • 7 of the most important things to follow for flawless best man speech delivery. Use these tips to minimize your fear and projection of your fear. Instead, learn to mask your fears an image of confidence and security.
  • 20 hand-picked jokes & quotes to add ‘pizzazz’ to your best man speech. These potent additions provide an element and wit and class to any speech.

Here’s Why the Best Man Black Book Just Kicks Ass
  • Fully Customizable – Our best man speeches are fully customizable. Use one of these speeches completely or pull bits and pieces from many to create your own masterpiece.
  • Unique Material – Unlike the free material found on the internet that is used again and again in virtually every best man speech, our speeches serve as a source of fresh content. Don’t get caught recycling free internet content.
  • Our Best Man Speeches are Full of Wit, Humor, Sincerity, and Charm – All of our speeches are all created to fit different moods. You choose which speech you want to use – or mix and match.
  • Lose the Headache – Creating a witty, well-rounded speech can be a complicated task. We’ve done the dirty work for you. The body / outline is there! In minutes, simply change the key parts to create the potent speech you’ve always wanted.
  • Written by Professional Writers – These best man speech samples and templates have been written by professional writers. Lets face the facts — likely you’re not a professional writer.. and for a wedding speech you need to sound like one.
  • 95% Stress-Free – Ditch the research and planning. We’ve done it for you. Just fill in the blanks, revise, cut, and paste and create an all-new best man speech.
  • Save a Butt-Load of Money – It has become a common practice have a best man speech written for you. Sadly, “ghost-written” best man speeches seldom capture the right details and heart. Save your money.
  • Gain Self Confidence Like You’ve Never Known Before – Step #1 – Create a great best man speech with my kit. Step #2 – read my brief bonus self-confidence guides (included) Step #3 – Blow the audience away.
  • Guaranteed to Work – We promise you our best man speeches work – they are perfectly formatted and they’ve been designed to captivate audiences.
  • Guaranteed to Satisfy – I guarantee your finished best man speech will satisfy the wedding crowd better than any of the other products out there. Also – I promise your complete satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, every last red cent of your hard earned cash will be returned to you — No Annoying Questions Asked!
But That’s Not All… I’ve Even Crafted These Red-Hot Cheat Sheets to Help Make You the Ultimate Best Man…
You’ll Get These Exclusive Hand-Crafted Bonus ‘Cheat Sheets to Make Your Best Man Duties Quicker and Easier
Cheat Sheet #1 - 12 Steps to Mega-Memorization for Your Best Best Man Toast Ever
Cheat Sheet #1 – 12 Steps to Mega-Memorization for Your Best Best Man Toast Ever
Let’s face it: No one really looks cool staring at their notes while presenting a best man speech. This handy little cheat sheet will turn you into a brilliant genius, able to memorize your speeches with razor-sharp accuracy. You’ll be memorizing your lines faster than Rain-Man can count cards.
Cheat Sheet #2 - Perfectly Executed Humor: 5 Humor Tips that Every Best Man NEEDS To Know
Cheat Sheet #2 – Perfectly Executed Humor: 5 Humor Tips that Every Best Man NEEDS To Know
So you’re no comedian. Its okay – very few of us are. But the truth is this: a best man speech has to be at least a little funny. This jam-packed cheat sheet will help you learn how to be funny – either by stealing humor from others, learning the art yourself, harvesting your inner humor… or all of the above. A must see.
Cheat Sheet #3 - The 10 Commandments of Best Man Manhood
Cheat Sheet #3 – The 10 Commandments of Best Man Manhood
This entertaining little 3-page gem reveals the 10 top-secret tricks to being a man. Insider trips on decision-making, being a man on a mission, how to dress well, how to be a ruthlessly charismatic leader, and how steal from the masters of cool. Don’t do your best man speech without it.
Our best man speech bonus gifts include...
Order the Best Man Black Book By Midnight TONIGHT, and Get the Following $29 Worth of Premium Bonus Guides – ABSOLUTELY FREE.
How to Gain Confidence – A detailed guide boner on being the most confident man you can be, and that confidence is all an illusion. This book teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a confident individual. You can learn easily how to exude confidence in everything you do. Important tips include: How to recognize your own low confidence, the inner secrets of confident people, how to market yourself, and much more.
Wedding Etiquette Secrets Revealed – Although this little guide focuses on primarily on wedding planning, it contains some key nuggets of information that you might find useful. The guide includes information on the duties of the wedding party and the etiquette breakdown of who’s who. Worth looking at.
How to Be a Public Speaking Superstar – This guide explains how to be a remarkable public speaker. Inside you’ll discover: the three qualities a public speaker should possess, the 9 steps to creating a powerful speech, how to overcome speech anxiety, how to use language effectively, how to use your speech anxiety to your advantage, and much much more.
The Player’s Guide to Picking Up Women – For all the single Best Men out there — Inside this guide you’ll discover: The incredible psychological techniques (proven by scientific research) to make any woman fall in love with you, the amazing secret to get over ‘shyness’ around women, the absolute most important rules of attraction, things women are really looking for when they meet a man, and much more.
From Text to Speech – Captivating Speeches Made Easy – Since the Best Man Black Book kit primarily deals with the public speaking duties of the Best Man, I wanted to include this guide. Inside you’ll discover: how to know what your audience expects of you, the way to use body language to your advantage, 12 tips to overcome your fear of public speaking, 24 ways to write a best man speech that will captivate your audience, 8 ways to use eye contact effectively, and much more.
Order the Best Man Black Book system today and I will personally review your best man speech. I will help you write the greatest best man speech as humanly possible.
Email me personally after purchase and I will personally review your best man speech vie email.
3 emails max only, please.
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  • I understand that if I have any problems, I will receive full customer support — usually within 1 hour.

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But – regardless of what you choose to do, I wish you my VERY best on your Best Man experience. With the proper preparation, confidence and gusto, I am certain you’ll CAN do great…

My Very Best,
Blake Stearnwall
Writer – The Best Man’s Black Book

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If you have a girlfriend or wife, I am sorry. I’ve thrown this bonus in here for all the single Best Men out there. Inside this guide you’ll discover: The incredible psychological techniques (proven by scientific research) to make any woman fall in love with you, the amazing secret to get over ‘shyness’ around women, the absolute most important rules of attraction, things women are really looking for when they meet a man, and much more.