Best Man Duties

The best man is chosen for an honorary position – but the position does come with responsibilities. Best man duties are varied and important, ranging from tasks before the wedding right up to the big day. Luckily, many men have done this job before you, so if you take the advice from their experiences, it should be easy to perform your duties, without having to go through trial and error.

One task that is up to the best man is helping the groom rent (or in some cases, purchase) tuxedos for himself, you and the rest of the groomsmen. As part of your best man duties, you may be asked to coordinate a time to get fitted for the tuxes, and make sure that everyone in the wedding party gets fitted and gives you their measurements. The groom may ask you to help pick out the tuxedo style as well – although most grooms usually decide on this with their brides.

Another task that you’ll be assigned as one of your best man duties is planning the bachelor party – probably the most fun task you’ll have. You’ll need to plan the guest list, the activities – everything. This may seem like a chore, but think of the fun that you will have at the party as well! As a best man, that’s pretty much the sum of your duties before the wedding. However, there’s still plenty for you to do on the wedding day.

On the big day, your best man duties increase. You will be responsible for holding on to the wedding rings for the bride and groom, something you’ll definitely want to keep track of! Best men are also usually asked to be witnesses for the wedding certificate – along with the maid of honor. You might be asked to help the groomsmen out with finding a place to change into their tuxes, and telling them how to usher in the guests. Some of this might be handled by the wedding coordinator, but if there isn’t one at your wedding, you will be asked to pitch in. Finally, at the reception, it will be your turn to give your big toast or speech.

While the best man duties might seem a bit much for some, remember that you will probably need a best man someday yourself, who will also be responsible for doing this for you! It’s a big honor – so don’t take this lightly.

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