Best Man Responsibilities

Of all the best man duties, the best has to be the bachelor party. Known for ages as the most fun that a guy will have before his wedding, you as the best man are responsible for creating that fun atmosphere. Most best men have definite ideas about what sort of party they want to throw for the groom – and if not, there is a wealth of information out there about how to throw the best party.

Your first decision will be whether or not to tell the groom about the bachelor party beforehand. Some people like to throw the bachelor party as a kind of surprise party, where the groom is whisked away and treated to the night of his life. Others, however, know that the groom would not be happy with such a surprise and ask the groom what sort of party he’d like to have. Since you are the best man, you probably know the groom well – you’ll know what kind of party he will enjoy.

Try not to have the bachelor party right before the wedding, although many men seem to try to plan it for just a night before the wedding. Most grooms don’t want to spend their wedding day hungover, so give it at least a few days before the wedding ceremony. As one of your best man responsibilities it’s important to know when the bachelor party will be the most convenient for all those who are invited. Speaking of invitations, bachelor parties usually include the groom, the best man and the groomsmen – and maybe a few close friends. Fathers and fathers-in-law are usually not part of the group.

A big decision to be made is whether or not to include strippers, strip clubs or other nude women in the bachelor party. While many men are into this sort of scene, there are plenty of others who aren’t. Even if you think they are a good idea, check with your groom before reserving a stripper or club. He might not be so keen on it, and you don’t want to make the groom uncomfortable. After all, part of the best man responsibilities include keeping the groom comfortable and happy.

The bachelor party will definitely be a night to remember, and will be one of the bigger parts of your best man responsibilities. Once you’ve had your wild night out, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do at the wedding – so be prepared to be the ultimate best man!

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