Best Man Speech Examples

It happens to every man, that day when he realizes that most of his drinking buddies and frat brothers are going tying the knot. It doesn’t really bother you that they have found their bachelor days as humdrum but you are expected to do something that is both fun and out of your league, be the best man in their wedding.

The dancing and holding the ring for him is easy but the whole talking in front of half his relative and half of this creature who tore him away from your girl-watching and bar-hopping is quite nerve-wracking. So being the busy body that you are, you contemplate just saying a few great things about being his friend and thinking on your feet.

Then on the big day, your head goes on and on with the things you want to say but when you open your mouth all you can manage to say is a short congratulations and a ton of embarrassing memories that makes it sound like you don’t like the bride and that your friend is a fool to get married.

Saying that in a room of nearly married people is not the examples of best man speech that you have read online. But it would definitely be among the examples of best man speech that people would be talking about during the wedding. You would be referred to as a rambler for the rest of that couple’s married life.

To avoid this from happening, it is best to have a template taken from the examples of best man speech kits available on credible websites online. Be sure that you get the ones that would let you get your money back in case the template they provide actually makes things worse for you. But you have to understand that there is a certain amount of charm that is involved with delivering a speech, especially a best man speech.

Since the event is a celebration, you should have a happy speech. Humor is the best tool that you have in your arsenal. Unfortunately some take this into the extreme and get their audience to think that their piece is amongst the examples of best man speech that belong in a seedy comedy bar. Make sure the humor is light and for all ages so you don’t solicit wary stares from mothers who have their hands on their children’s ears.

In your speech, although you are closer to the groom than the bride or vice versa, make sure to include and mention the name of the bride (or the groom whichever is applicable). This would make her feel involved in the best wishes that you include in your speech. This also makes her relatives alert to whatever else you might have to say about that person. By mentioning both of them individually first then as a couple, it would make your speech flow better. However way you want to end your speech, remember that the last few things you say have the most impact so choose your words wisely. There are best man speech examples all over the net — but most free examples are useless. Invest in ones that have been proven to work.

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