Overcoming Best Man Speech Fears

It is not abnormal for a guy to feel nervous about giving out best man speech. One of the worst fears of human beings is public speaking.

So the wedding ceremony has just finished and you are on your way to reciting your well-written best man speech. It is quite normal for you to get nerve-racking experiences when you are put in front of an audience and all the attention of the crowd is on you. You may be put under pressure and blood would rush to your head. You might think you are going to freeze and feel foolish about yourself. Do not feel too bad about these for they are natural occurrences to any person who is delivering a speech in public. However, this fear of public speaking can be overcome in several ways. Giving out your best man speech shouldn’t be as bad as you think. Remember that picturing the audience in their birthday suits will not really help you cover this fear.

To begin overcoming best man speech fears, you should realize that the feeling of anxiety is a completely natural sentiment. Any speaker, even those who are used to doing public speeches, has had the same anxious feelings. The best way to overcome your fear of speeches is experience. If you give speeches a couple of times or so, you will be used to it and the pressure will lessen overtime. But this does not mean that you have to go about attending public places and giving out your personal speech. All you have to do is practice your best man speech. Start off by practicing it in front of the mirror and then in front of a few people you are comfortable talking with. In this way, you would not have to worry about how people would react to the things you will say at the wedding.

Remember that you and all the other guests are there to celebrate a memorable occasion. Do not think that these people are there to be all cynical on you or be all against you because they simply are not.

You may begin your speech by telling a story about you and your friendship with the groom. The best way to deliver this is through a funny story. Funny stories will make the audience laugh and you, a little less tensed. Make eye contact with the crowd when giving out your speech. Show your sincerity in every word you say. You may tell them that you are not really good at public speaking so they do not get cynical on you. If it will help you to just focus on a single person while giving out your speech, do. You will feel less pressured when you look at a single person you are most comfortable with.

End your speech by giving your best wishes to the newlyweds, thanking them and everyone for a wonderful celebration and granting the couple a wedding advice that they can carry on in their life-long relationship.

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