Best Man Speech Ideas

Coming up with Great Best Man Speech Ideas

How to Make Your Speech and Toast Special for the Newlyweds

In looking for best man speech ideas, stick to a balance of humor and heart felt affection.  As the best man, you will have a number of jobs, including delivering the toast at the wedding reception.  You will want to plan, write, and practice your speech to ensure that you make a great impression and the bride and groom are pleased with what you prepare.

Creativity is encouraged and it is best to personalize any best man speech ideas you may find; however, thanks to the internet, it is easy to find a few ideas that have worked for other best men in the past.  These best man speech ideas make great “jumping off” points for your own speech and toast.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Be sure to include compliments somewhere toward the beginning of your best man speech.  Tell the bride she is beautiful and tell the groom how lucky is to have found her.  Tell the maid of honor and the bridesmaids how lovely they look.  Be sure to let the parents of the bride and groom know what a great party they have organized.  Putting these best man speech ideas toward the beginning will help capture the attention of the guests.

Tell Wedding Planning Stories

The wedding planning process offers all kinds of best man speech ideas.  Relate a funny story or two about the trip to the tuxedo shop or about tasting wedding cakes with the bride and groom.  Leave out anything that might make someone uncomfortable, such as the bachelor party or any confrontation that may have led to tears or anger.

Give a Little Background

Share with the wedding guests how you and the groom met.  Additional best man speech ideas include relating an anecdote about the day the groom introduced you to his new girlfriend, who is now the bride. Enjoy a few laughs and reminisce with the newlyweds as part of your speech.  Use your own history with the couple to generate best man speech ideas.

Roast the Groom

Many great best man speech ideas revolve around roasting the groom.  Even if you are there because you are the bride’s best friend, the central part of your speech is about the groom; after all, you are his best man.  Tell stories about your single days together, about his courtship of his new wife, and about other amusing times.  Feel free to tease and embarrass him a little, but be sure you never take the speech anywhere beyond fun.  Share nothing that would be humiliating or that would anger him or his new wife.

Be Creative

Some of the top best man speech ideas are the ones you come up with on your own.  If you have some great pictures of the couple or of the groom that would support your speech, use them.  Make a collage or a digital slide show.  Call for input from the groomsmen, the fathers, or other wedding guests.  Whatever you do, remember that the goal of all of your best man speech ideas is to make it special and fun for the bride and groom.

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