Best Man Speech Jokes

Best man speech jokes are the heart of the toast.  It is the responsibility of the best man to provide the main toast of the night at the wedding reception.  This speech is expected to walk a thin line between reverent and sincere, and funny.  There are a few categories of jokes that wedding guests have come to expect and enjoy.

Jokes About the Past

You are the best man for a reason.  Perhaps you are the groom’s brother or his best friend.  You may even be the brother or close friend of the bride.  Whatever the case, you have a past with the groom and with the newlyweds, and a funny best man will draw from these memories to tell best man speech jokes about those past events.

This is the place where you can offer one-liners about your friend, the groom’s lack of aptitude in sports, with girls, or in school.  Best man speech jokes give you the opportunity to talk about his ability to get caught at misbehaving; draw your parents and his into the joke to pull more of the crowd into your speech.

Jokes About Marriage

Be careful here.  The entire evening has been planned around celebrating the sacrament of marriage.  Of course, you can and should poke fun at it, but you definitely do not want to upset or alienate the parents of the bride and groom, the newlywed couple, or the officiant.  Be sure that your best man speech jokes are in good fun and never cross the line to offensive.

Great one-liners can be drawn from famous quotes.  For example, playwright William Shakespeare once said, “Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.”  While the quote was not directly related to weddings, it can certainly be used in this context, and best man speech jokes can easily be built around it.  The offense then lies on Shakespeare’s shoulders, not yours.

Jokes About Sex

These best man speech jokes are also a little risky.  Be sure you are sober when delivering the best man toast so you can make sure that the best man speech jokes you tell are funny, not scathing.  You are, in essence, roasting the groom during your speech, so you can certainly have some fun at his expense.

Share a funny story about an escapade in your younger years, but steer clear of stories that will implicate the groom in tales that will hurt the bride’s feelings or make her angry.  You also do not want to make your audience uncomfortable.  One such joke involves a little preparation.   Hand out about a dozen old keys to women at the reception before the speech; then during your toast, ask that all of the women in the audience now return their keys to the groom’s home given that he is no longer available.

Jokes About the Wedding Year

If the bride and groom for whom you are standing up are like most, they have had a rough year.  Planning a wedding and preparing for their life together, while considering all the pressures of bringing the families together has likely been a harrowing experience, and tonight’s wedding ceremony and reception are the culmination of all of their efforts.  It is now okay to include best man speech jokes about it.

Now that everyone can relax, it is okay to joke about the hundreds of cake tasting events and the tuxedos that came in the wrong color.  You can even touch on the “wedding that almost wasn’t” as a result of a fitting gone wrong, now that those days are behind you.  In fact, it will be cathartic for the bridal party to enjoy a laugh on this evening when everything has come together, or hasn’t come together.  Your best man speech jokes will give everyone a sense of camaraderie from having survived it together.

Best Man Speech Jokes with Props

This is your time in the spotlight, and you are given a lot of freedom.  Let the creative juices flow.  Sit down at the piano and set your one-liners to music.  Write and recite a few limericks, but keep them rated PG-13 at worst.

Include a Power Point slide show of your youth with the groom, the wedding planning year, and anything else of interest that applies to the evening at hand.  Try to use pictures that include the bridal party, the parents of the newlyweds, and other guests.  Everyone will enjoy your best man speech jokes more if they feel they are a part of things.  It is always great to see yourself as an integral part of the festivities.

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