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If you are tearing out your hair trying to write a toast for the wedding, you can use a best man speech template.  There are many different resources where you can find sample speeches that you can personalize to make them appropriate for your particular bride and groom.

Finding the right best man speech template is as easy a quick internet search and a few clicks of the mouse.  Men who have given wedding speeches that have been successful have been diligent in posting what has worked for them, making your job a little bit easier.  Try a best man speech template or combine a few to create the perfect speech.

A Speech for Your Brother

Certainly when the groom is your brother, the best man speech template you use will be very specific to the situation.  Follow the guidelines available to cover a little of your family history, a few funny anecdotes about growing up together, and meeting his lovely bride.  Propose a toast to your brother and welcome his new wife to your family.

A Speech for Your New Brother-in-Law

If you are the brother of the bride, your speech should still be focused on the groom.  However, the best man speech template will put a different spin on the speech.  You will roast the groom, discussing how and when your sister met him and how you met him.  Share a story or two, keeping the mood light.  Writing your speech, based on the best man speech template, ahead of time is a great idea, especially if you do not know the groom very well.

A Speech for Your Father

Often, when an older gentleman who is divorced or widowed remarries, he will call upon his son to be his best man.  If this is the case, you can find a suitable best man template for this situation as well.  Giving a toast for your father will be a balance of humor, sincerity, and respect.  The nature of your relationship with your father and with his new bride will dictate the content of this speech to a great extent.

A Speech for Your Son

A best man speech template written for a wedding in which the father of the groom is the best man will include a compliment to the mothers of the bride and the groom, and will include humorous anecdotes regarding raising the groom.  You will not want to humiliate your son, so choose your stories carefully.  Addressing the bride and welcoming her to the family is a very important part of the best man speech template in this situation.

A Speech for Your Best Friend

If you and the groom grew up together or met in college and have been inseparable ever since, you might find that there is almost too much material to work with.  Using a best man speech template will help you keep the speech and toast limited to an acceptable period of time.  Fill in the best man speech template with personal anecdotes and sincere, heartfelt best wishes, and your speech is sure to be a hit.

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