Best Man Speeches 101

Tips for Writing Best Man Speeches – Deliver a Funny Wedding Speech and Give a Memorable Best Man Toast

Best man speeches have long been considered the kick-off for the reception.  Once the bride and groom and the bridal party have entered, been introduced, and are seated, it is your turn to stand up and say a few words to and about the groom and his new wife.

There is no reason to be nervous, but you must be prepared.  Do some research into best man speeches a few months beforehand and prepare an outline, charting out what you wish to say and how you want to say it.  Remembering a few key pieces of advice is also a wise move:

•    Do not talk too long.  Best man speeches should have enough content to be personal and a little bit “meaty,” but your audience will be hungry and eager to mingle, so be careful not to ramble.

•    Remain sober until after your speech.  You are the best man, and with that come some responsibilities.  It is expected you will put off your own partying until your duties are met.  A sober, prepared, and well delivered wedding speech is one of those duties.

•    Be funny but respectful.  Best man speeches are balancing acts between respectful congratulations and warm, heart felt good wishes and a bit of a roast-style set of good natured jokes.  Do not cross the line into jokes that will hurt, humiliate, or otherwise make uncomfortable the groom, bride, or the guests.

•    Be yourself.  Whatever speech you write, you must be comfortable giving it.  It must sound genuine and the guests will know if your speech is canned or copied from another source.

Best Man Speeches for Brothers

Possibly one of the easiest best man speeches to write is that of a brother best man.  You have a lifetime of stories and experiences from which to draw, and when the time comes to address the bride, you have the opportunity to represent the entire groom’s family in welcoming her to the fold.

Be sure to avoid topics like past girlfriends, drunken escapades, and sacred secrets.  This is a public speaking engagement to honor the groom; do not misuse it to share secrets of the past that you have been trusted to take to your grave.  Furthermore, best man speeches should leave both the bride and groom feeling entertained, amused, and loved.  Stories of past loves will only serve to drive a wedge between the newlyweds before the honeymoon even begins.

Best Man Speeches By Married Best Men

If you are the best man, and you, yourself, are married, you have a small arsenal from which to draw as well.  Some best man speeches can be framed as a welcome to the newly married groom into a club of sorts:  the club of married men.

•    Give the groom advice about how to be a successful married man.  Be amusing without being cynical.  Take care not to shed an unnaturally ugly light on marriage.

•    Warn him of pitfalls and early warning signs that something is wrong.  You may reference looks his wife may cast his way or curt sentences you may hear.  Again, keep it light.

•    Finally, present the groom with a medal or a membership card to this imaginary club of married men.

•    Remember to use real life examples, pertaining to your own life and to what you know about the bride and her own habits.

Best Man Speeches for Single Best Men

If you are a single best man, your best man toast may be a send-off of sorts.  Gone are the days of late night poker games, cigars on the back porch, and Super Bowl parties.  It is time to usher in honey-do lists, antiquing on Saturdays, and so on.

This is the speech that harbors the most danger in becoming cynical and negative.  Be sure that when you pull your best man speech together at the end for the more serious and heart felt toast, you turn the tables and express your admiration and even a little envy that your good friend has found such a beautiful bride and wish them future happiness and love.

As you sit down at the table for the first time and begin to write down notes for your upcoming wedding speech and best man toast, remember to keep things simple but personal.  Your audience will want to be amused, and your final goal is to rally the entire room to raise their glasses to the newlyweds in congratulations and best wishes.  Best man speeches will almost write themselves if you remember theses goals.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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