Crafting a Best Man Toast

Being chosen as a best man may seem overwhelming at times. There are many different things that are expected from you – tasks that are meant to help out the groom, who is presumably very busy doing things for the wedding himself. While these tasks before the wedding may seem tough, for many best men the real stress comes when they have to give their best man toast. For guys who aren’t used to public speaking, the toast can be a very daunting task.

In order to deal with fears about giving the best man toast, it’s important to know why you’re scared in the first place. Some people just don’t like talking in front of others – it can be nerve wracking to have dozens of pairs of eyes on you. Other people are simply afraid that they’ll say the wrong thing, whether intentionally or with a slip of the tongue. Either way, you might have a lot of apprehension about getting up to give your best man toast.

Sometimes, all you need to do is psyche yourself up for the big moment. If you’ve had a lot of stage fright or fear of performing in front of people in your life, you may have developed tricks to help yourself calm down. Take a few deep breaths, and imagine that you are reading the toast to just the bride and groom – not the entire wedding. If you’re really stuck, and you know that giving the best man toast is going to cause trouble, you might want to ask your physician about a low dose of a beta blocker medication – a drug that is relatively harmless and given to many people with stage fright.

If you’re afraid of slipping up on the words, there’s an even easier solution to that. Remember giving oral reports in class? Well, those index cards can also come in handy when giving a best man toast. Write down key phrases and stories, or heck, write the whole thing out on the cards so that when you stand up, you have a guideline to use when speaking. It will help you keep your place as well as give you something to focus on when you get nervous.

Remember to rehearse your best man toast before giving it – even if you just do so in a mirror, so that you are familiar with your words. Being the best man is truly an honor, so be sure to honor the groom as well with a great best man toast.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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