Best Man Toast Examples Offer Ideas for Great Wedding Speeches
Give a Memorable Speech to Honor the Bride and Groom

There is no shame in seeking best man toast examples as you write your best man speech. After all, this is likely the first time you have ever done this before, and you want it to be perfect.

Before you start to seek specific best man toast examples, here are a few important tips to keep in mind.

•    The first and possible most important tip is to stay sober, at least until after your speech.

•    A great best man speech is a perfect balance between humor and heart felt sentiment.

•    Use best man toast examples/templates as guidelines only; you want the result to be a personal message to the bride and groom.

With these tips in mind, remember that the internet is an excellent resource to seek best man toast examples. As you search, remember that whatever wedding toasts you choose to use, they must be something you are comfortable delivering in front of a crowd of people, and they must be appropriate to the occasion and the people in attendance.

Here are a few best man toast ideas you may want to consider:

•    Write a poem that combines humorous tidbits about the bride and groom, as well as something sentimental. Once you have recited the poem, raise your glass and call upon the wedding guests to join you in congratulating the newly married couple.

•    Support your wedding speech with a slide show. Include photos of the bride and groom; many best man toast examples try to include a lot of photos of the couple with friends and family who are in attendance. People love to see themselves in photos, and the toast is really all about the love and support you are leading the guests in providing to the couple.

•    Write a song and perform it, with acoustic guitar or piano accompaniment. Again, this song should apply directly to the bride and groom. It might apply to how they met, things they love to do together, things they are known for, or even their jobs. As with the poem, you should follow your song with a rising of your glass and a call to action to the reception guests to congratulate the bride and groom, and wish them well.

•    If you are not comfortable with these best man toast examples, you might want to consider asking for bits of advice from the guests and wedding party beforehand and read those out loud during your speech, or giving a little of your own advice as well.

As you search for best man speech examples, look for speeches that are positive in nature, offer appropriate jokes, and are intent on making the newlyweds feel loved and supported.

Once you find some best man toast examples that you like, feel free to take a few ideas from each and use them to create something unique and personal. The bride and groom may be disappointed if your speech is obviously something taken directly off of a website for best man toast examples.

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