Best Man Toast Ideas

There is a wide range of best man toast ideas from which to pull in order to create an excellent wedding speech.  You will find a myriad of suggestions online, in magazines, and even from talking with friends who have been in the same position.  Men who have stood up at weddings in the past are more than willing to share their successful best man toast ideas.

The first place to look for best man toast ideas is in your own arsenal of memories and experiences.  As the best man, you likely have a long standing relationship with the groom, as his family member or a close friend.  This friendship will offer you the anecdotes, jokes, and allusions that will make your best man speech a success.

Once you have identified the best stories and a few jokes and one-liners you would like to use, it is time to look for best man toast ideas about what structure and order to use to deliver the best possible speech.  As you seek various thoughts and ideas, be sure to organize them in a way that makes sense and to use a format that you are comfortable with.  Whatever best man toast ideas you use, you will have to stand in front of all of the wedding guests and deliver the speech.

If you are hoping to write and deliver a unique best man speech, there are a few tried and true best man toast ideas that you may find helpful.

•    Stick with what you know.  Talk about those things that you know about the groom and those experiences the two of you have shared.  These anecdotes will ring true for your audience and you will hold their attention.

•    Keep your stories and jokes simple and short.  Practice them at home, and leave out any story that cannot be told in three minutes.  The guests look forward to the wedding speech and the best man toast, but they do not want to have to work at keeping up with your rhetoric.

•    Poke fun at the groom, but keep things positive and avoid stories of drunken nights or other women.  It is also best to avoid the topic of the bachelor party.  Good best man toast ideas allow you to walk the line between respectful and inane.

•    Use props.  Have a picture of you and the groom blown up to poster size that represents the focal story of your speech, or bring a mix tape as background music for your wedding toast.   The most effective best man toast ideas are sometimes also the most creative.

Your most effective best man toast ideas will be the ones that apply to the newlywed couple.  If they are sports lovers, incorporate sports metaphors into your speech; if they love to travel, use this as a basis for your toast.  The wedding guests will spot the parallels quickly and will enjoy the clever way you pull together their passions with your speech.

Always seek out those suggestions that will result in the most entertaining and ultimately heart felt best man toast ideas for you to give to your dear friends.  They have asked you to be best man for a reason, and your gift to them will be putting your best best man toast ideas to good use.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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