Best Man Toast Jokes

Best man toast jokes are an important staple in the traditional best man wedding speech.  They are what pull the attention of the audience, set the mood for a festive reception, and simply add a little more fun to the overall event.  It is up to you, the best man, to choose the best jokes, which will be different for every situation and every set of newlyweds.

Tips for Choosing Appropriate Best Man Toast Jokes

•    DO keep them short and clear; best man toast jokes and anecdotes should require very little attention span on the part of the guests.  In fact, a wedding speech infused with an occasional well chosen one-liner will capture and hold the attention of your audience.

•    DO personalize your best man toast jokes.  Finding ideas on line and in magazines is a great idea, but if all of your jokes are general in  nature and will apply to anyone, your audience and the groom will lose interest.

•    DO be creative.  Consider ways to encourage audience participation, to incorporate photographs or music, or to put as much character as possible into your best man toast jokes.

•    DON’T use your best man toast jokes to reveal trusted secrets.  This is not a time, and in fact, there is never a time, to break old confidences for the sake of earning a laugh.

•    DON’T drink before giving the speech.  A drunk best man can quickly lose his train of thought, say thoughtless, hurtful things, or allow his best man toast jokes to go too far.

•    DON’T tell scathing jokes that cast a disparaging light on marriage as a whole.  You may share a few jokes about marriage, but it should always be clear that you support this wedding, that you are delighted for the bride and groom, and that you wish them nothing but happiness together.

Possible Topics for Best Man Toast Jokes

You have the wedding guests’ attention for a short time.  In order to use it wisely, you should plan your wedding speech well in advance of the big day and practice it for ease of delivery.  Pick and choose your best man toast jokes accordingly as well.

•    The introduction to your speech is generally a more serious stage, in which you introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the groom, comment on the great party being given and the beautiful wedding ceremony that just took place, and so on.  You can inject a one-liner here, perhaps something like, “____(bride’s name) looks stunning tonight.  ______(groom’s name) just looks stunned.”

•    The second section of your speech is where you will have the bulk of your best man toast jokes. These could be in the form of tongue-in-cheek marital advice, such as “Practice these two words:  Yes Dear.” or a couple of jokes and anecdotes relating to the time you and the groom may have spent together.

•    The final stage is the actual toast.  You will raise a glass in honor of the bride and groom, and invite the audience to do so as well.  While this is a time for your sincere good wishes and congratulations, you can fit in one or two last best man toast jokes, perhaps about the wedding night or the honeymoon.

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