Best Man Toasts

Best Man Toasts Don’t Have to be Scary – Here’s How to Write a Killer Best Man Speech

Best man toasts are among the most important of the duties of the groom’s best man. When a man decides to marry in a traditional wedding ceremony, it is customary that he choose a best man to be by his side as he prepares for the big day and throughout the wedding and reception.

The Best Man’s Duties

While the actual duties being carried out by the best man vary according to the desires of the bride and groom, traditionally, there are a few standard items:

• Planning the bachelor party

• Standing by with the rings during the wedding

• Managing and organizing the groomsmen

• Delivering best man toasts

For many men, most of this is fairly easy, even fun, but best man toasts keep some men awake at night.

Writing Best Man Toasts

Best man toasts do not have to be difficult or scary, if you give yourself some time to plan and you follow a tried and true format. Remember that the purpose of best man toasts is threefold:

• to celebrate your relationship and respect with the bride and groom

• to tease and joke with the newlyweds, inviting the wedding guests to join in the fun

• to offer your congratulations and best wishes to the couple

Keeping these in mind, start by making an out a rough outline, divided into three parts. These can be considered the opening, the roast, and the toast.

The Opening

Best man toasts always have an opening. The opening is designed for introductions, thank yous, compliments, and welcomes. Depending on the situation this could include any number of things, but some of the standard elements are as follows:

• Introduce yourself. Explain how you know the bride and groom, and give a brief synopsis of how you came to be best man. A little humor here is great because it draws the guests to listen to you, but keep it short.

• Thank the parents of the bride and groom and anyone else who has been vital in the planning and hosting of the wedding ceremony and reception. Invite the crowd to applause their efforts in appreciation.

• Address the bride; tell her how beautiful she looks, and offer similar compliments to her bridal party. This is another great place for a short bit of humor, when you give the groom an aside, like “Oh, and I guess you clean up nice too.”

• If there are special honored guests, such as friends or family who have traveled an exceptionally long distance, a favorite relative, or someone who has been married for a very long time, the newlyweds may ask you to offer a personal welcome.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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