Best Man Wedding Speech
Give a Memorable Best Man Wedding Speech –
Toast the Bride and Groom with Wit and Sincerity

The best man wedding speech is one of the most memorable moments at the wedding reception. Wedding toasts are often featured in the photographs of the best man giving his speech will remind the bride and groom of the speech for years to come.

There a few key tips to write and deliver a great best man wedding speech that is entertaining, inspiring, and witty. A best man speech that is delivered with these in mind is sure to be hit.

•    Include a witty story about the bride and groom in your best man wedding speech, but make sure it is a story they are both comfortable with.

•    Share something personal that you share with the couple or their families; honor the friendship that has made you the best man.

•    Your best man wedding speech should include some sort of advice; it should be witty but sincere.

•    Finish on a serious note; wish them the best and share your love and admiration for the two of them.

•    Illicit the support of the crowd. An effective best man wedding speech will move the wedding guests to laugh, applaud, and clink their glasses for a kiss from the new couple.

If you are still struggling to write an original, memorable best man wedding speech, start by making a list of those experiences you have had with the bride and groom. These are the fodder from which you can draw your ideas. These experiences may include childhood memories, observations from their bridal couple’s dating years, anecdotes from the wedding planning period. Even the bachelor party is safe ground if the stories are appropriate and you are not causing strife with your candidness.

Remember that the goal of your best man wedding speech is not just to make people laugh. The best man wedding speech is an invitation to the wedding guests to offer their collective support and love to the bride and groom on their wedding day. Use your memories, observations, and witticisms to lead into your praise, congratulations, and love for the beautiful bride and her dashing groom.

If you have a special talent and would like to put together a truly original best man wedding speech, you can use your imagination to do something memorable.

•    Write a poem.

•    Write and sing a song or a rap.

•    Give a Power Point slide show of your memories with the bridal couple.

•    Use quotes from famous authors, movies, books, or other media that would be particularly appropriate to the couple.

•    Create a theatrical monologue, or incorporate the maid of honor for a dramatic scene that culminates in your toast.

Whatever you choose to do with your best man wedding speech, be sure that it relates to the couple, their lives, and their passions. If you use movie quotes, use their favorite movies; if you sing a song, relate the words to the couple and their vocations or hobbies. The ultimate goal for your best man wedding speech is to create a balance between witty entertainment and a heart felt congratulations.

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