What to Include in Best Man Wedding Speeches – Honor the Bride and Groom with an Amusing and Eloquent Toast

Best man wedding speeches must be witty and attention grabbing. They must be sincere and heart felt. Above all, they should be a sensible balance between witty anecdotes and hearty congratulations.

As you pour over ideas and suggestions for great best man wedding speeches, keep a few important do’s and don’ts in mind. Remember that your wedding speech is being written specifically for the bride and groom; it is a call for the wedding guests to enjoy a laugh or two and to join in offering support, love, and congratulations.

Best man wedding speeches should not include certain key pieces.

•    Remember that the purpose of best man wedding speeches is not to embarrass the bride and groom, their parents, or the guests. As you search for funny anecdotes, leave out drunken escapades that may upset any of the above parties.

•    The bachelor party may have been great fun, but stories from that night of fun should generally be omitted.

•    Once you have written your speech, read it out loud a few times to ensure that your attempts at witticism do not sound like criticism or insults to the bridal party or their families. Sometimes what is funny in your mind is not funny out loud.

•    Best man wedding speeches should never include any mention of past relationships, even if they were what led to the bride and groom meeting or falling in love.

•    This is not the time to reveal a secret. It may seem safe since they are married now, but if the groom once confided that his lovely wife looked fat in her favorite party dress, you still need to take that to your grave.

While you are avoiding these tactical errors, here are some important items that should always be included in great best man wedding speeches.

•    A fun, safe anecdote about the bride or groom, or preferably the two of them.

•    The story of how you met each of them and what you know about how they met.

•    Married best men might also include some advice on marriage. This advice might be funny or serious, but have a positive spin to it. Best man wedding speeches should always shed a positive light on the rite of marriage.

•    The culminating event in great best man speeches should be a rising of the glass, inviting the room full of guests to do the same, in honor and congratulations to the newly married couple.

The overall purpose of best man wedding speeches is to celebrate the marriage of your friends, offer them your love, and by proxy, offer the love of all of the wedding guests around you. A successful toast will illicit responses from the crowd, including laughter, applause, nods, and even shouts of approval.

You know your speeches are a success when they draw out these reactions from the crowd and when the couple being toasted feel honored and loved as well. Above all, best man wedding speeches should be prepared ahead of time and practiced so you feel relaxed and in control during the delivery.

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