Examples of Brother Best Man Speeches Offer the Foundation for a Great Wedding Speech – Toast the Newlyweds with a Sincere and Funny Speech from the Heart

Wedding speeches are sometimes funniest and most touching when delivered by the groom’s brother, and there are many different brother best man speech examples available to help get you started.

As you sit down to write your speech, brother best man speech examples at your side,  think about what you truly want to say to and about your brother.  Think of the funny stories you can tell and of the sincere sentiments you wish to make clear.  If you are having trouble putting the right words together, brother best man speech examples will help you take a step in the right direction.

Writing the Speech

Writing a concise speech that is from the heart, but still entertaining and amusing is easy for some, but for others, the idea is pretty scary.  It is recommended you start with an outline.  Use a few brother best man speech examples as guidelines to get you started.  Then start filling in thoughts and ideas as you go.

•    Draw ideas from your childhood with the groom.  The best brother best man examples you will find will include fun stories and experiences from the best man and the groom growing up together.

•    Pull from shared joys and strife.  You will find this in all of the brother best man speech examples you find.  Talk about the big moments the two of you have shared:  graduation, the birth of third sibling, your own marriage, even a death or loss.  Insert humor as is appropriate.  The result will be a very sincere speech about the relationship you and the groom have built over the years.

•    Be sure to address the bride.  Brother best man speech examples will often show that you are representing the family of the groom in some ways here; welcome her to the family.  Let her know she is loved.  You may want to include some tongue in cheek advice about the best way to succeed as part of your clan.

•    When the time comes to raise your glass to toast the couple, it is up to you whether you want to include a funny joke or one-liner.  There are brother best man speech examples that offer funny lines that can be successfully infused here; on the other hand, you may want this part to be serious so you can get across to your brother how truly happy you are for him on his big day.

Delivering the Speech

Writing and practicing the speech are one thing; delivering the wedding speech is quite another.  Know your audience, stay sober, be prepared, and all will go well.  Take note of other brother best man speech examples you have witnessed, heard about, and read about to bolster your own confidence.  Follow a few important tips to help make your speech a success:

•    Use visual tools.  Bring a poster sized picture of the groom and yourself in younger years.  Brother best man examples will give you additional ideas.

•    Address the bride and groom directly when you are referencing memories or wishing them well.  You have a microphone; the guests will hear you.  You are there for the newlyweds, and brother best man speech examples will reinforce this.

Remain calm and take the time you need to write your speech, and, with the help of brother best man speech examples, you will give a knock out wedding toast.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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