Brother Best Man Speeches
Wedding Toasts that Honor Your Brother


Brother best man speeches can be a lot of fun.  No one knows more about the groom or can harbor more stories about him than his own brother.  If you are to be the best man in your brother’s wedding, you should take the time to write a truly great speech to honor him and his new bride because expectations tend to be high when it comes to brother best man speeches.

Growing up with the Groom

Be sure to include a funny anecdote or two about what it was like growing up with the groom.  It would be easy here to warn to the bride in a good natured manner about what to expect from their children someday.  Brother best man speeches make it easy to incorporate childhood stories because you have shared so many of the same experiences.

Commiserate about Family Experiences

Possibly the one set of adventures and experiences that have brought you and brother together the most is those pertaining to family gatherings and vacations, which are excellent fodder for brother best man speeches.  Be sure to draw from these as you roast your brother, emphasizing moments that were funny, embarrassing, or particularly grueling.  When brother best man stories include these stories, they may also draw in the parents of the groom and other family members in attendance who remembers these events as well.

Share Your Love and Admiration

Once the jokes have been told, great brother best man speeches include the opportunity for you to tell your brother what he really means to you.  Tell him you love him, admire him, and are proud of him.  Tell the bride what a great guy she has found and that you love her now as your new sister.  A well assembled brother best man speech will draw a hush from the crowd at this point, and all attention will be on you as you lift your glass.

The Wedding Toast

When you lift your glass, the final portions of great brother speeches invite the wedding guests to lift theirs as well.  They will do so because you will have amused them with your jokes and stories, and you have touched them with your heart felt expression of love and admiration.  Now is the moment that you congratulate your brother and his new wife and wish him all the best.  Brother best man speeches at this point can be very emotional.

Tongue in Cheek and Straight from the Heart

Whether you are the younger brother or the older brother, this is going to be an emotional day for both of you.  The fact that he has chosen you to be the best man speaks volumes about the relationship the two of you have.  The purpose of brother best man speeches is to allow you to express to him everything you are thinking and feeling.

Jokes and embarrassing stories are what make brother best man speeches entertaining and what grab and hold the wedding guests’ attention, but they are only half the goal.  The real meat of your toast is the opportunity to share an emotional moment with your brother during this very important day that the two of you will remember forever.  This is why brother best man speeches hold so much importance for you and for the groom

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