Brother Best Man Toasts:
The Ultimate Opportunity for Amusement and Emotion – Honor the Bride and Groom at their Reception with a Warm and Heart felt Wedding Speech

Brother best man toasts are some of the most entertaining.  Growing up together, you and the groom have shared a wide range of experiences; this gives you lots of fodder for jokes and teasing.  It also means that the two of you are likely to have a strong bond between the two of you, which means that when it comes to giving a sincere, heart felt toast, you are able to do this as well.

Brother Best Man Toasts Have the Best Fodder

As the groom’s brother, you might know more about him than anyone else at the wedding reception.  When it comes to wedding speeches brother best man toasts are often the easiest to write because there is so much history between the two of you.

A Possible Format for Brother Best Man Toasts

You are family and brother best man toasts are expected to have a sense of family in them, perhaps a sense of camaraderie, as you both have moved through life and come out on the other end.   In the opening of your toast, talk about your extended family.  Offer a welcome to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family who have come a long way.    Announce a new birth or a landmark birthday.

Thank your parents for this beautiful day, and by all means, thank the bride’s parents also, and anyone else who may have been instrumental in planning an hosting the wedding ceremony and reception.    Throw in a short joke or one-liner about family, your lives at home, or something of the sort to break tension and ease the crowd.  Brother best man toasts are an important part of setting the tone for the evening.

Some Tips on Writing and Delivering Successful Toasts for Your Brother

•    Leave old rivalries out of the speech.  Bringing up topics that have caused pain and anger in the past will only serve to make the bride and groom uncomfortable now.

•    Don’t forget the bride.  As a spokesman for the entire family, welcome her into the fold and let her know that she is loved.

•    Be prepared.  Brother best man toasts and other wedding speeches should be written well in advance of the wedding; take the time to practice it alone, in front of a mirror, and in front of someone else.  An objective opinion is very important when practicing a speech you have heard yourself recite over and over again.

•    Use props.  Brother best man toasts offer the ideal opportunity to show pictures, slides, present mementos, and pull out anything else that might draw the attention of the crowd and offer a little amusement.

•    Take the time to be serious.  This is your brother.  While it is true that brother best man toasts can be and should be funny and entertaining, there should be a moment when you can stop laughing and let your brother know exactly how much he means to you.  This will invite the wedding guests to do the same, exemplifying why brother best man toasts will create a very powerful moment when you lift your glass in his honor.

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