Use Examples of Best Man Speeches to Create Something Great – Write a Memorable Wedding Speech to Honor the Bride and Groom

There are lots of examples of best man speeches to be found online and even in magazines.  If you are looking for some guidance or ideas, these speech examples can make your job of writing a wedding speech much easier.

Write an Outline

Take the time to peruse examples of best man speeches and take what you like from a variety of speeches.  Use those elements that work for you, and put together an outline of topics you wish to use.  Then you can fill in the personal stories and anecdotes that apply to the newly married couple.

Fill in the Blanks

Once you have completed the outline, put it together with conglomeration funny jokes, heartfelt congratulations, and a toast to wish the new couple luck and love in the future.  With your personal stories inserted, you will have taken generic examples of best man speeches and turned them into something witty, intelligent, insightful, and appropriate to your groom and bride.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

Remember that examples of best man speeches are just that:  examples.  If you have found a few best man speech samples, you will need to personalize the speech or the groom will be disappointed.  It will be obvious if you do not invest time and effort into making your speech address the newlyweds specifically.  It is imperative that you do not look at your examples of best man speeches as finished products.

What to Add to Your Examples of Best Man Speeches

•    Funny stories and details about the groom.
•    Special thank yous and compliments to the parents of the bride and groom, and to the ladies in the bridal party.
•    Heart felt statements about your love and admiration for the groom, who may be your close friend, brother, or fraternity brother.
•    A toast to the newlywed couple and their future together.

Add a Bit of Yourself

There is a reason you were chosen to be the best man in this wedding ceremony.  The bride and groom will expect to find a piece of you in your speech and toast.  Therefore, if you have a special talent or passion, it will be particularly enjoyable if you incorporate that into your best man speech.  Here are just a few creative ideas that you use to spin your speech:

•    Take your examples of best man speeches and add a song or rap, possibly accompanied by guitar or piano.
•    Before giving the speech, poll wedding guests and the bridal party for pieces of advice or memorable moments to be read during part of your speech.
•    Tweak the examples of best man speeches you find with a poem that includes witty comments and thoughts to draw the attention and amusement of the bridal party and the guests.

Be creative and have fun.  Examples of best man speeches will give you a great starting point, and when you add your own character and personal stories to write something perfectly fitting for the occasion, you will have the masterpiece you are striving for.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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