How do I receive your product?

The Best Man Black Book is instantly available to you after payment. Simply click on the ORDER NOW button. After payment, you’ll be re-routed to a download link. The download link will also be sent to you via email.

What if I am not satisfied?

If you do not find my product to be useful, you can simply email us and we’ll offer you a refund in full. We’re certainly interested in why our product didn’t work out for you, so if you could leave us some feedback that would be great. However, if you do not care to leave feedback that is understood. Simply email us and we can refund your money in full, as quickly as possible.

If I buy your kit, how quickly can I write the speech?

The most valuable part of the Best Man’s Black Book are the speeches. These speeches are uniquely written to allow you to write your own custom speech. They’ve been left “open” enough to allow for full customization. Unlike most speeches on the net, they are created with fresh content and are completely unique.

Why would I want your kit if I can get this info for free on the internet?

Likely you can find some speeches on the internet to “pull” from, and I encourage you to do so. However, be cautious, as many speeches have been pulled from again and again. The Best Man Black Book is mainly meant to help steer you. Order it today and steal all you want from it. By using it, you can greatly avoid “Recycled content” in your speech. Be fresh!

Is this site a scam?

Many people shopping on the internet fear scams. We ensure you that this site is by no means anything illegal or unethical. Please email us first and discuss with us your Best Man goals. We can illustrate to you that we’re a trusting company who simply wants to sell you a quality product at a fair price.