Get Lots of Ideas From Free Best Man Speeches
Honor Your Best Friend on His Big Day

Free best man speeches are proof that we realize they are all in this “wedding thing” together.  Writing a wedding speech is not really easy, and the delivery can be a little stressful, so men who have successfully delivered their toasts and speeches have posted them as free best man speeches.  No man wants to see another man reinvent the wheel, so to speak, if he doesn’t have to.

What is Available?

A search online for free best man speeches will reveal a wide range of options.  You will find best man speeches for best men who are related to the groom, who are related to the bride, who grew up with the bride or groom, and so on.

Do not make the mistake of picking the first one you see, printing it, and assuming you are done.  Free best man speeches are not professionally written; they are generally posted by amateurs who were once sitting where you are now; their speeches may not be right for you or for your particular bride and groom.

What to Do When You Find a Speech

It is very important to note that these free best man speeches are templates of sorts.  A good best man will find a few free best man speeches, take parts of each, and make them into his own wedding speech.  In addition, he will substitute some of the contents of the free best man speeches with personal accounts of time he has spent with the groom, making it about the newlyweds.

Necessary Elements

When you search for free best man speeches, there are certain elements you must look for or be sure to add once you have found the speech that works for you.

•    Praise for the parents of the bride and the groom.
•    Praise for the maid of honor and the bridesmaids.
•    Jokes and amusing stories about the groom and, to a lesser degree, his bride.
•    Some sincere thoughts about your friendship with the groom.
•    Heartfelt congratulations in the form of a toast.

Things You Might Add

You may find some additional elements in the free best man speeches you find; if you do not find them, you can add them to make your speech for personal and more interesting.

•    Photos or a digital slide show of the groom, and of the couple.
•    Quotes from members of the bridal party and wedding guests; these could be advice for the couple, remembrances, or whatever you believe would be fun and interesting.
•    Poems, limericks, songs, or raps, that you or a member of the bridal party may have written that include witty phrases appropriate to the groom.

As you search for ideas for your toast, remember that you are only looking at sample best man material; the finished product will still have to come from you.   Free best man speeches are only a “jumping off” point around which you will write the rest of your best man speech to honor your friend on his big day.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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