Funny Best Man Jokes
Infuse Your Best Man Speech with Humor and Entertainment

Funny best man jokes will lighten the mood and start the party.  It has been a long day, built on tradition, high expectations, and a lot of stress.  The wedding guests have arrived at the reception and are settling in, greeting one another, finding their seats, and preparing to relax after the wedding ceremony.  Dinner opens with a toast from you, the best man, and funny best man jokes will set the tone for the rest of the evening.

There are some rules or guidelines when it comes to writing funny best man jokes to help ensure that your best man speech is a success.  These are not difficult guidelines, and you will find that there is lots of help and support available online from others who have been in your shoes before you.  In fact, you will find sites dedicated to funny best man jokes that you can use in your toast.

Keep it Simple

You may have a great batch of funny stories about growing up with the groom, or hanging out with the newlyweds in college.  However, if the story takes more than two or three minutes to tell, leave it out.  The wedding guests are interested in what you have to say and are prepared to be amused, but they do not want to work at it.  Allow for very short attention spans.

One-liners are great, but try to keep them fresh and appropriate to the situation.  For example, for an opener, you can turn to the bride and say something like, “If everyone here seems a little apprehensive, on edge, or uncomfortable this evening, it’s because you just married this guy.”  This is a short joke that will catch your audience’s attention, and it is general enough not to hit any nerves.

Funny Best Man Jokes should Apply to the Newlyweds

It is a great idea to tap into others’ ideas and experiences to find funny best man jokes, but be sure to mix up the jokes and add nuances that give the jokes a personal spin.  Remember that the best man speech is a roast of the groom and a toast to the couple; it should include thoughts, ideas, and jokes that are directly applicable to the bride and groom.

In order for your speech to include funny best man jokes that relate to the groom, the best pool of ideas you can draw from is your own history and experiences with the groom and the couple.  Take a look at the many ideas from other best men for funny best man jokes and choose the ones that ring true according to your own memories and thoughts.

Maintain a Balance

Of course, the best funny best man jokes are truly funny; they are not offensive, and they do not make others uncomfortable.  Stay away from those jokes that could be perceived as hurtful or cynical.  Turn your speech at the end so that you are moving from a slew of funny best man jokes to a heart felt congratulations a toast to wish the newly married couple well in their future life together.

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