Funny Best Man Speech Examples

Pull from Funny Best Man Examples to Write a Great Wedding Speech Combine Samples of Wedding Speeches with Your Own Ideas

If you are staring at a blank piece of paper, wondering how to start your wedding speech, you may want to look at some funny best man speech examples to get you started.  Many of us never find ourselves in the role of public speaker, and then suddenly we are charged with the responsibility of writing and delivering a witty wedding speech.

This does not have to a horribly daunting event if you plan for it and seek out available resources.  There is no shame in using help and guidance, and there are lots of funny best man speech examples you can use to help get you started.  They are easy to find online and social bookmarking can help you organize the best man speech samples that you are most interested in using.

There is a general structure that works for most wedding toasts.  It looks something like this:

1.    Welcome the guests to the wedding reception on behalf of the newly married couple.

2.    Thank the parents of the bride and groom, as well as any other parties who were instrumental in hosting the reception.

3.    Introduce yourself and explain how you know the groom.

4.    “Roast” the groom; tell a few funny stories and tell some jokes at his expense.

5.    Raise your glass and invite the audience to do the same, to extend congratulations, love and best wishes to the new couple.

Using this structure, you can start an outline and seek out funny best man examples that will help you make each part of this speech interesting and entertaining.

Funny best man examples will show few jokes during this point in your speech.  A one-liner may be appropriate here, referring to the weather, the drive to the hall, or some topic that would pertain directly to this particular wedding.

Thank You
As you thank the parents and others involved with hosting the reception, be sincere; however, you may find in some funny best man speech examples ideas about how to spin this.  You could contrast the generosity of the parents with the relative stinginess of the groom or make a comment about how much it takes to pull so many people together to pretend they love the groom.  Remember to make it funny but not nasty.  You never want to make a comment that will make the guests look uneasily at each other, wondering if they should laugh.

Most of the funny best man speech examples you find will begin most of the jokes here.  Have a little fun at your own expense, pondering the reasons why you may have been chosen to be the best man.

You will not need funny best man speech examples for this part.  You were chosen as best man for a reason; pull from your experiences together to share funny stories.  Be brief but amusing.

Unless it is a one-liner, the jokes usually stop at this point.  There are a few funny best man examples that will give you some ideas for some last minute barbs, but the toast itself should be serious and from the heart.

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