Funny Best Man Speeches
Wedding Toasts that Provide Humor and Insight

Funny best man speeches go a long way to create a fun and happy mood at the reception.  It may make it seem like there is a lot of pressure on you as the best man.  Do not fear; funny best man speeches are not difficult to write as long as you can set some time aside to put some thought into it.

In order to write a successful speech, you should start by writing an outline that pulls information from the past and the present about the groom specifically and about his relationship with you and with the bride.  Funny best man speeches actually follow a particular formula, peppered with personal anecdotes for humor.

Important Steps to Success

Successful funny best man speeches can follow a simple formula.  Start by writing these out as a sort of framework and begin filling in the blanks.

Begin with thank yous, compliments, and introductions.  Thank the parents and perhaps the ceremony officiant for the amazing evening everyone has enjoyed thus far.  Draw attention to the bridesmaids and maid of honor, telling them they look beautiful, and invite the wedding guests to join in your appreciation.

The next area is where funny best man speeches pick up in humor.  When you introduce yourself, you will need to explain how you know the groom, and this will be your first opportunity to share a funny story.  Then you will move into what will essentially be a roast of the groom.  The stories you share should be playfully embarrassing for him, but never humiliating; this is not a time to share lifelong secrets, just fun moments.

Funny best man speeches are designed to illicit a certain reaction from the bride and groom, and from the wedding guests.  Your jokes and anecdotes do two things; they amuse the crowd and they build up the newlyweds and help them bond through the sharing of these tales.

The wedding toast follows the speech.  Good funny best man speeches settle down here and lead into a heartfelt congratulations and an invitation to the guests to lift their glasses in support and good wishes for the bride and groom.  A great way to end, however, is on a funny note.

What to Include

As stated, the purpose of funny best man speeches is to enjoy funny, sometimes embarrassing stories about the groom, and even about the bride.  However, there are some things that are off limits.

•    Avoid bachelor party stories unless the bride already knows them and she is not upset.
•    Leave out stories that involve past girlfriends of the groom.
•    Keep it clean.  Even if there are no children present, it is in poor taste to tell stories that are dirty or sexual in nature.

On the other hand, there are some topics that are ideal for funny best man speeches:

•    Stories about how the bride and groom met.
•    Stories about how and when you met the bride, or the groom if you are the bride’s friend or brother.
•    Anecdotes about a shared event in childhood.

Funny best man speeches are successful when the groom blushes and the rest of the room laughs.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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