Funny Best Man Toasts Use Humor to Make their Points – Give a Funny Wedding Speech to Entertain and to Honor the Bride and Groom

Funny best man toasts set the stage for a fun filled wedding receptionist.  As the best man, it is your job to prepare and give a wedding speech that will amuse and inspire the wedding guests in honor of the bride and groom.  There are many different options when writing funny best man toasts, and each one can be tweaked and personalized to honor your particular groom.

Funny Best Man Toasts that Roast the Groom

One of the most common kinds of funny best man toasts is the format in which you basically roast the groom; you discuss the times you have had and share amusing anecdotes that will embarrass him and make him laugh.  There are a few options from which to choose when considering funny stories and jokes in this speech structure.

•    Pull stories from your childhood if the two of you grew up together.  This is a great option if you are the groom’s brother or if you have known each other since you were children.

•    The bride will enjoy hearing stories about the groom’s behavior around the time they began dating, but only if it sheds a positive light on their relationship.  Examples of this would be stories about the groom harboring a crush on her, about his growing excitement about the proposal, and so on.

•    Be sure to poke fun at him for being perhaps unworthy of a bride as beautiful and amazing as the woman he has married.

Funny Best Man Toasts that Poke Fun at Marriage

Be careful if you choose to tell jokes about marriage as an institution.  You do not want to sound negative or cynical, but when kept positive, jokes about marriage or being married are usually well accepted.  There are a few ways to go about this.

•    Poll the wedding guests or guests at the rehearsal dinner the night before for marriage advice and read some of the quotes, infusing subtle humor and one-liners in between.  Using quotes from the guests will keep them engaged.

•    If you are married, you can use this as the only credential necessary to offer advice yourself, again using a mix of humor and sincerity.  The key to funny best man toasts is to keep the jokes and humorous statements short and to the point.

•    Consider a mix of humorous best man toasts that focus on the groom and ones that focus on marriage; give the bride advice regarding the groom, based on what you know of him fom the years you have been friends.

Tips for Successfully Delivering Funny Best Man Toasts

There is much more to writing good funny best man toasts than just jotting down some jokes and running through some memories.  Even the best planned wedding speeches can be flops if you do not take a few precautions.

•    Stay sober, at least until after the best man speech.

•    Ask for help.  Funny best man toasts take time to write, and you will want to practice it in front of someone else to make sure that your jokes make sense to someone besides you.

•    Make sure that your groom wants funny best man toasts, and not something more serious.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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