How to Organize a Best Man Speech

So you are the best man at the wedding and you just can’t figure out the best way to organize your best man speech. If you want to deliver a well-thought and well-prepared speech, continue reading to gets tips on how to organize a best man speech.

The first thing you should know about best man speeches is that they are intended for the groom. Your speech will talk about the man of the hour and you have to exert much effort to make his occasion memorable.

In organizing a best man speech, you, as the best man, should do a lot of research on the things you would include in your speech. If you are to talk about the couple, you should know significant matters about the newlyweds. You also have to know a little about the bride because you are going to include a paragraph about her in your speech.

In writing your speech, you have to know what conversation tone you will use. In most weddings, funny best man speeches are used. However, you have to consider the audience and occasion itself in deciding whether you will use funny best man speeches or not. You may use a casual or formal tone in your speech if you think your audience will not appreciate a comical speech.

Your best man speech should include the introduction of yourself, acknowledgment of guests and the families of the newlyweds, a thank-you greeting to everyone for taking part in the celebration.

Include in your speech small details about the bride. You are not required to talk about the bride for a long time since best man speeches are intended for the groom. Next, talk about the couple and their togetherness. The rest of your speech can now talk about the groom. You may include in your speech how the groom is as a person and what kind of son he is. Include in your speech your knowledge of what he is to his new wife. Talk about his past girlfriends and misadventures on love without putting much detail on things that will degrade the perception of the bride and her family to him.

Remember to talk more positive things than negative ones about the groom since you do not want to be a wet blanket of the occasion. Mind that all the things you say in your speech will reflect you and the groom himself so better keep your words light and easy to not ruin the mood of the celebration.

After narrating all of the things you know about the groom, you may end your speech with a wish for the couple and the family they will soon build. Propose your toast with a wish of life-long romance for the groom and the bride. Thank the parents of the newlyweds and the guests for taking part of the most memorable occasion in the couple’s lives.

Crack your best wedding joke and thank everyone for listening to your speech.

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