Sample Best Man Speeches
Give a Great Best Man Speech that Suits the Groom and the Bride

Sample best man speeches are only a starting point in preparing to deliver your own wedding speech and toast.  These samples will give you guidelines about how to structure your speech, possible joke themes and one liners, and great quotes.

Once you have found a few sample best man speeches, it is time to fill in your own personal stories, anecdotes, and witticisms.  If, however, you are struggling with how boisterous or subdued your speech should be, look to the bride and groom for those cues.

A Speech for a Quiet Groom

You have been chosen because the groom believes you will be good best man.  The two of you are close friends or family, so you will know how funny he would really want your speech to be.  If the groom is a quiet, conservative man, you may already know that he will not enjoy embarrassing stories or veiled insinuations.  Once you have identified this, you should seek out sample best man speeches that are more seriously.

For this groom, use a few subtle jokes, but overall, focus on the sincere portion of your toast, in which you express your love and admiration for your dear friend and welcome the bride into your family or your group of friends.  It is not hard to find sample best man speeches like this.

A Speech for an Outgoing Groom

If, on the other hand, the groom is a noisy fellow, himself, quick to laugh and fond of a good joke, it will be appropriate to write a speech with lots of jokes and funny stories.  You will find a wide range of sample best man speeches that will guide you through writing this speech and through the delivery of it.

Look for Clues

In the months preceding the wedding, you will be helping the groom and the groomsmen prepare for the big day.  During this time, you should be looking at sample best man speeches, as well as watching and listening to the groom, his father and brothers, and the groomsmen for some insight into the level of liberality in the group.  This will give you a great guide to what will be expected in your speech and toast, and what to look for in sample best man speeches.

This will also give you anecdotes that you can share during your speech.  Most sample best man speeches will help you figure out where to fit these stories in that they will make sense and have the most impact.  In fact, as best man, you may want to start carrying a notebook for noting things people say and do.  After a while, you will have enough to fill in any blanks and more in your sample best man speeches.

The bachelor party is another great venue for learning what your groom and his family would most enjoy in a wedding speech.  If, at the request of the groom, the party is spent quietly at a boot at a bar discussing stock options and corporate buy-outs, an over-the-top funny speech will most likely not be warmly accepted.  On the other hand, if the groom and his father are competing in tequila shots and the entire party is laughing it up, it is safe to seek out sample best man speeches that include humor and a period of “roasting” the groom.

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