Sample Best Man Toast
A Sample Best Man Toast Will Make Your Job Easier Prepare a Memorable Wedding Speech for the Bride and Groom

A sample best man toast can make your job as best man much easier.  While it is true that you owe the bride and groom the courtesy of writing and delivering a personal and heart felt best man speech, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.  Other men who have delivered wedding speeches have taken the time to post speech samples to help people like you.

Personalize a Sample Best Man Toast

Take the time to peruse the many resources online and find a sample best man toast, or even two or three, that you feel work for you.  Then, fill in the details by using stories and memories that relate directly to the bride and groom.  Having a structure that you can work with will take the pressure off of you, and certainly, you will have an arsenal of tales from your history with the groom to make it interesting.

A Potential Sample

One sample best man toast template calls for an opening in which you thank the parents of the bride and groom for inviting everyone to the wedding ceremony and for the wonderful dinner you are all about to enjoy.   Turn to the bride and her bridesmaids and tell them how beautiful they all look.

Next, address the groom.  Acknowledge the relationship the two of you share, which is what makes you eligible to be his best man.  This will segue into a literal roast of the groom.  Tell funny stories about your childhood, your high school and college antics, or about how he met his bride.  This sample best man toast calls for a combination of short tales and one-liners that keep the audience hooked.

After the litany of jokes and funny stories, the sample best man toast turns serious.  Discuss your love, fondness, admiration, and/or respect for the groom and your sincere happiness that he has found his true love.  Invite the guests to lift their glasses in honor of the newlyweds, toasting their love and their future happiness.

Another Idea

If you are not comfortable roasting or joking with the groom, or if the families of the newlyweds are a more serious bunch than this, consider a sample best man toast that calls for something a little less whimsical.  Again, you should open by thanking the parents and perhaps the officiant of the ceremony.

Next, share an inspiring story about how and the groom met or about a time you spent together.  This might have occurred when you were children or a time when the groom helped you through a troubling time.  Instead of going for the laugh, you will be aiming at the audiences’ tears or other emotional responses, using this sample best man toast.

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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