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Samples of Best Man Toasts are Great Tools for Writing Wedding Speeches Find Great Ideas for Honoring the Happy Couple on Their Big Day

There is no dishonor in using samples of best man toasts as springboards to your own best man speech.  Of course, finding samples of best man toasts and using them verbatim would be ridiculous, lazy, and disappointing to the newlyweds, it is a great idea to look at what has worked for other wedding speeches in the past.

Finding Samples of Best Man Toasts

Wedding speech examples are easy to find.  Articles are available in wedding magazines, and there have actually been books written about how to write these important speeches and giving best man toasts samples.  The internet is another great resource; many men before you have written and delivered best man toasts and have been eager to share what has worked and what has not.

How Do You Know What Will Work?

The problem with the vast amount of best man toasts samples is knowing which ideas are good ideas and which ideas are just not going to work.  The answer is usually based in common sense.  Think about these things as you go over samples of best man toasts:

•    Is this is structure you are comfortable with?  You will be giving this speech in front of all of the wedding guests as part of your best man duties.  You will need to write and give a wedding speech that you can pull off.

•    Is this right for the newlyweds, their parents, and the general guest population?  If you do not know the climate of the wedding, be sure to talk to the groom about it.  You will need to know if either family is particularly conservative.  Some jokes are perfectly suitable for one crowd and completely unacceptable for another.

•    Do I have the jokes, stories, and material for this format?  You will find that most samples of best man toasts offer specific opportunities to fill in stories and tidbits about the groom and the happy couple.  Your relationship with them and what you know about their lives will decide exactly what kind of speech is best.

What is Your Next Step?

Once you have identified one or more samples of best man toasts, your next step is to make them your own.

•    Set up a general outline using the elements from each of the samples of best man toasts that you want to use, putting them in an order that you like for your finished speech.

•    Fill in short anecdotes, jokes, and one-liners that seem fitting in each area, thinking about items that you believe the groom would enjoy hearing and that will amuse and entertain your audience.

•    Fit in a short address to the bride; use something that will make her feel special and welcome by the groom’s friends and family.

Things to Remember

Using just a few easy to remember tips, your wedding speech will be a huge success.

•    Samples of best man toasts are just samples.  You don’t have to use any part that you do not like, and by all means, add what you wish to personalize your best man speech.

•    Deliver your speech while sober.

•    Be sure to practice!  Best man toasts samples are available to help you get started so you can do the rest.

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