Best Man Speeches 101: Lets Talk About Best Man Speeches

Best man speeches are always viewed as an unnecessary chore that a best man has to do. Usually, the reason behind this is one or more (or God forbid all) of the following listed below.

Giving a toast in front of a huge crown scares the living lights out of you.

  • You are not a fan of writing speeches. Actually you are not a fan of just plain writing period.
  • You have such an exceptionally soft voice and it takes you a great amount of effort to be heard.
  • You have this inexplicable fear of having to express your emotions to others.
  • You stutter, freak out or sweat profusely when you get in a situation that you do not like.

To conquer your dislike of best man speeches you have to learn to view best man speeches in a different light, depending on your reason for disliking this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Consider these suggestions below:

  • If giving a speech or just talking in front of a crowd gives you the immeasurable fear, then loosen your inhibitions by taking one glass of wine to relax.
  • If you despise writing, there are several best man speeches templates over the internet that you can use. Or you may visit different sites in the internet.
  • If you have a soft voice, like that of an English lady, you may want to consider that most ballrooms have microphones so you will not have to worry about your ant-like voice.

Lastly and the best way to conquer any irrational fears of your best man toast, enjoy the moment!

Want to Whip Up A Kickass Best Man Speech in 2.5 Minutes?

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